The International Panel Products Symposium is the leading technical conference on wood based panels. It is an ideal networking opportunity for science and industry reporting developments in particleboard, OSB, MDF, plywood and fibreboard.


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Welcome to the International Panel Products Symposium homepage. IPPS is the leading technical conference on wood based panels, including all aspects of panel production technology, feedstocks, resins and additives, market analysis and the use of wood based panels in furniture and construction applications. The full conference runs every two years, and in the intervening year a Masterclass allows a focused look at important topics in a more informal learning-friendly environment.

IPPS Masterclass 2016

Back to Basics: Wood structure and its influence on board properties, durability and fibre quality.

13th-14th September 2016
Bangor University.

This year the IPPS Masterclass concentrated on 'Back to Basics' looking at wood anatomy and how different types of fibre, particles and wood strands influence wood panel properties.

Review of IPPS Masterclass 2016

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