Sustainability is no longer a fringe issue but a key corporate responsibility for businesses seeking to develop and grow. BC Technologies will help you meet your environmental obligations... and your commercial objectives

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12th-16th December
Nano-biomaterials for Water Purification
Newton Fund Researcher Links Workshop
Kerala, India

Best LIFE Environment Projects Award
Our highly sucessful Bread4PLA project received an Enviroment LIFE Programme
LIFE Citizens Award .
The project demonstrated that 175,000 tonnes of bakery waste can be made into biodegradable film in closed loop recycling.

BioComposites Centre
Annual Report

Since 1989, BC (or The BioComposites Centre) has been at the forefront of research, development and the commercial application of bio-based alternatives to synthetic materials in manufacturing and industry.

Today, in a world where sustainability and the environment are moving to the top of the agenda, we offer businesses of all kinds the knowledge and the technical means to put those alternatives into practice, helping them lower costs, increase productivity and make their activities more environmentally and socially responsible.


BC contribute to new book

BC staff have contributed to a new book 'Advanced High Strength Natural Fibre Composites in Construction'. Read more...

BC is part of new BioPilotsUK alliance

BC is delighted to be part of a new UK alliance – BioPilotsUK, launched to support the growth of the UK bioeconomy.  Read more…

The CO2 Lab Spins out to form Suprex

The Minister for Skills and Science, Julie James, officially opened Suprex on Monday 10th October. Suprex is a spin out company from the CO2 Lab. Read more...

IPPS Master Class Review

BC held its Master Class on 'Back to Basics: Wood structure and its influence on board properites, durability and fibre quality' on 13th- 14th September. See Review...

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Network Universities

BC has joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Network Universities. This programme aims to enable collaborative ventures and knowledge exchange across policy makers, business and academia outside the Foundation’s formal programmes by showcasing relevant academic work globally. Read more...

Nano-biomaterials for Water Purification Workshop

R.T. Durai Prabhakaran, currently working as part of our NRN-LCEE Plants & Architecture team, has won Newton Funding to run a Researcher Links workshop in Kerala, India. Read more...

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